Receive Free Fax from United States and Canada

Receive Unlimited Free Fax from United States and Canada Land Phones

Now improved and simplified free faxing receiving service from United States and Canada

Use this service to receive free faxes from any United States and Canada fax machines. Using this service you do not need a own a physical fax machine. Our fax server act as a fax machine to receive fax from it's dedicated fax number.

Receive fax number: 14256063390, where 1 is the United States Country Code and 425 is the area code and 6063390 is the number.

Make sure fax sending party list your email address on the fax so we can forward the fax to your email. For privacy we will disregard a fax if an email address is not listed on the first page of the fax. Make sure your is listed correctly if not your fax might be sent to wrong email address.

It is generally adviceable to call your fax receiving party and check if fax machine is turned ON (Call United States Free) before sending your fax to United States or Canada.

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